Roof terrace at the sea

Localisation : Belgium sea coast
Client : private
Année : 2010
Full design of wooden, polyethylene and zinc planters, furniture by Gloster. Lighting design by IB Licht Atelije, Ignace Baerten from Bruges. Planters in green & red polyethylene and zinc puchased at Domani, Woodwork by Outstanding, Frédéric Ginée, Suzy Eggers

The project consisted in designing outdoor living spaces for al fresco lunches and cocktails, relax in the lounge, siestas and more. The light at the north sea is white and bright, it is dazzling and mimic the colours to the gold and silver from the sand.The exotic wood brings a wheathered silver colour matched with the furniture fabric and plants leafs. Bright colours like green and reds are brough with the polyethylene planters. The lighting design is unexpected with backlit accents and mixed with plants.


Landscape Design partnership sprl / Bureau d'Etudes en Architecture de Jardins et de Paysage

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